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4 Dimension Nutrition Gainer

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product arrow 4 Dimension Nutrition Hardcore Mass Phase, 10 Lbs

Price Rp 590.000 Beli

What is Mass Phase?

Becoming truly huge takes massive calories. Mass Phase™ delivers with 1,000 nutrient-dense calories and a massive 59 grams of pure protein in every serving! Any pro bodybuilder will tell you that building impressive size and mass requires a powerhouse blend of carbohydrates that recharge muscle Glycogen; the true key to building extreme workout intensity. Mass Phase™ with Pro-Energy Carb Matrix™ delivers an ideal 3 to 1 CHO (Carbohydrate) to protein ratio ensuring that you will achieve maximum recovery and maximum size.

Mass Phase™ is a One-Of-A-Kind, All-In-One bodybuilding super formula.

Hardcore Mass Phase™ with Pro-Energy Carb Matrix™ gives you the post-workout recovery impact your body needs. Solubized fiber in the form of Xanthan and Carageenan ensure that you get these essential nutrients with maximum absorption. No waste, no digestion issues, nothing but pure macronutrient absorption to fuel your lean mass gains.*

Mass Phase™ with the Multi-Phase™ Pro-Nitrogen Protein Matrix™ ensures true protein delivery. Protein retention is measured by the body's ability to retain nitrogen. Pro-Nitrogen Protein Matrix™ is delivered in a full spectrum macronutrient formulation that allows exceptional protein delivery and nitrogen retention. Mass Phase™ provides 4 forms of protein interfused with 2 forms of size building creatine and a powerhouse blend of amino acids featuring L-Glycine, L-Glutamine and all 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).*

The functional Lean Lipid Complex™ provides a new dimension in EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) muscle fuel. Any pro bodybuilder knows that functional Essential Fatty Acids are essential to building deep chiseled muscle that gets you noticed. Mass Phase™ provides functional lipids that can be used directly by the body as fuel and help your muscles grow. *

All-In-One bodybuilding super formula

Mass Phase™ is a One-Of-A-Kind, All-In-One bodybuilding super formula. You can truly get everything you need for optimal size, strength and power from one formula; and Mass Phase™ is it! Real ingredients you need to gain size fast, thick frothy texture and Out-Of-This World taste, rolled into one premium formula Mass Phase™.*

4DN Hardcore Mass Phase™ lean mass gainer has been formulated using the most cutting-edge hypertrophic-specific sport nutrition science. Using a precise 3:1 carb to protein matrix combined with the Pro-Suspension Matrix allows for a sustained delivery and effective absorption to create the mass gains you demand.*

Our anabolic agents ensure this product delivers results that you will see in days. Flavored in conjunction with some of North America's leading flavor houses to achieve the consistency and taste of a milk shake; there is no better tasting mass gainer on the market. 4DN Hardcore Mass Phase™ is the best way to grow lean mass fast. Try it once and you will never look back!*

As a sports nutrition product Mass Phase™ is manufactured under rigorous and stringent certifications known worldwide. Our production facility is EU(European union), cGMP, HACCP and NHP certified as well as being licensed by the CFIA. 4DN has taken the time, effort and energy necessary to ensure that every product bearing the 4DN name is produced in accordance with these protocols. The result ; Mass Phase™ is a truly superior product that meets or exceeds the strictest standards in the world.

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